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252 West 76th Street suite 1a, New York, NY, USA
At Open Lines Speech and Communication P.C., our dedicated speech language pathologists empower individuals to express themselves confidently. Our expert team offers a comprehensive range of services, from speech therapy for children to tailored programs for adults, providing the essential skills needed to communicate effectively. Understanding the growing need for convenience and accessibility, we've broadened our reach with online speech therapy, offering our specialized services to clients irrespective of their location. Choose Open Lines Speech and Communication P.C. and watch as our passion for communication translates into noticeable improvements in speech and confidence for you or your loved ones.
Our services cover specialized speech therapy for adults addressing voice therapy, articulation, and stuttering. We also provide speech therapy for conditions like stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurologically-based communication disorders. Additionally, we offer training in public speaking and professional speech skills, among other services.