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For better or worse, we live in a noisy world. But whether you prefer the loud chaos of an extended family gathering or the natural song of your alone time outdoors, you miss a lot when your hearing begins to decline. Hearing loss can present many different obstacles to your everyday life and dampen the depth and music you normally experience in a million different sounds.

We want you to live your best life and experience everything it has to offer. Whether it’s the song you loved in high school, crunchy leaves underfoot, or your life partner sleeping next to you, these moments count— and we believe that no one should wait until they’re gone before looking for effective treatment. With a hearing assessment, we can create a customized treatment plan for you that helps you and your loved ones get the best out of your experience in life.

A hearing assessment is a set of tests performed by a professional audiologist to determine if you’re experiencing hearing loss and how significantly. A hearing assessment is usually the first step in treatment for hearing loss because it gives us a baseline to tailor your treatment and hearing aids to your anatomy and needs. At Hearing Tests NYC, we can perform a battery of hearing tests to get a full assessment of your hearing health. Each is targeted to specific areas of the ear or types of hearing loss— there’s no need to worry, though, because each is perfectly painless. During a consultation, we’ll pick the tests that will help us get the best assessment of your hearing concerns.

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