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Rosedale Center, 1595 Highway 36 space 640, Roseville, MN 55113, USA
Goods made by hand have a story before you ever carry them home. It is about the hands and heart of the maker behind the goods. Rose & Loon celebrates the stories of the makers and goods. We lift up the women and men who craft, design, cook, sew, mix, and do so much to fill our store with their passion and goods.

We believe the “maker movement” is here to stay. Rose & Loon works with our collective to give them not just a place to sell their wares but a place to share their stories with pride, passion and purpose. Rose & Loon has curated a collection that supports our makers through collaborations, resources and partnerships. We are dedicated to growing the makers' brands as they work to build their own businesses.

Even the smallest of items can hold big memories and have meaning.

There is something wonderful about shopping in a store and feeling the richness of fabric, the delicacy of a piece of jewelry and the brilliant whiff of a candle.

The things you carry, wear and eat tell the story of who you are, what you believe and what you care about.

Come find us and meet the makers of Rose & Loon.