Massage Heights Beltline

Massage Heights Beltline favorite
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514 11 Ave SW #100, Calgary, AB T2R 0C8, Canada
It is time to let your life’s stresses go. Let the power of rejuvenating massage help.

At Massage Heights, we want you to close your eyes, relax and enjoy. After all, a Massage Heights massage is one of the most affordable luxuries you can give yourself and others. To help you achieve the most from your experience, we’ve outlined what you can expect when joining us.

At Massage Heights, every massage experience will be different because we believe in customizing your massage to your needs. But there are some things you can always expect when you come to a Massage Heights Retreat.

You can always expect a pleasant and professional therapist committed to your well-being.
You can always expect a friendly, knowledgeable staff whose intent is your relaxation and satisfaction.
You can always expect a warm massage table fitted with some of the finest linens in town, draped with an inviting comforter! Slip in & Relax.
You can always expect complimentary aromatherapy to enhance your senses and overall experience.
You can always expect a collection of premium skin therapy and home products to be available, helping you to take your retreat experience home with you.

At Massage Heights, our expertise is massage. Our passion is a relaxed you. You deserve to relax. Journey to Massage Heights today.