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3617 Stone Way North, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
Sea Wolf is a Seattle bakery opened in 2014 by brothers Jesse and Kit Schumann, born and raised in Northwest Washington.  Following the practices of craftsmanship and local sourcing, Sea Wolf offers bread and pastry in a space that’s comfortable and welcoming to everyone.  Sea Wolf has a modest selection of bread and pastry items which are prepared by hand and rotate with the seasons. 
Sea Wolf began as a small wholesale business with Kit and Jesse working lots of late nights and early mornings.  Now, Sea Wolf is a collaborative team of hard working professional bakers. Read more about the folks who make it all happen. 
Sea Wolf is conscientious about sourcing ingredients from local and sustainable agriculture and produces all its bread and pastry with grain from the Pacific Northwest. Most of the produce used in the bakery comes from local farms using regenerative or certified organic growing methods. 
It takes a team of many bakers and front of house staff to make it all happen. Our staff come from all different backgrounds, hometowns, and experiences. To learn more about employment at Sea Wolf, visit our employment page, shared with our sister bakery, Oxbow. 
Sea Wolf's prices are higher because we do not accept tips. Instead, we charge the true price of the bread and pastry we produce, which includes the cost of providing our staff with reliable, sustainable, livable wages and healthcare benefits. We believe that it is our responsibility alone to provide for our staff and that our customers deserve to see the honest cost of our products. 
3617 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 457-4181