iSteady M6 Bags 2023 IF Award.

The "70 YEARS iF | Shenzhen Design Annual Meeting & Design Night" celebrated a historic milestone in design excellence in Shenzhen on August 18. HOHEM's iSteady M6 3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer's recognition with the 2023 iF Design Award was a standout moment during the event. This accolade further solidified the iF Design Award's illustrious position, which has been a beacon of excellence in design for 70 years, standing among the world's most prestigious industrial design awards.


iSteady M6 joins esteemed products like Apple's Mac Studio and Studio Display in receiving accolades at the 2023 iF Design Awards, emphasizing its innovative design essence. The stabilizer also secured the revered Red Dot Design Award in Germany, underscoring HOHEM's prowess in intelligent imaging and innovative design.


Distinguished by its patented Magnetic AI Vision Sensor with Fill Light, the iSteady M6 surpasses traditional stabilizers, enabling seamless camera switching and incorporating a full-color fill light, offering users an unparalleled filming experience. This product not only sets new standards in stabilizer design but also enhances the content creation experience for users, evident through its multiple awards and recognition.


For further details about HOHEM and its award-winning iSteady M6 Smartphone Stabilizer, visit HOHEM, established in 2014, is a globally renowned brand committed to intelligent imaging innovations, prioritizing user needs and continuous technological advancements to simplify life's recording moments and provide an exceptional, professional shooting experience.

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