Little Scholars Daycare Center I

Little Scholars Daycare Center I favorite
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52, Quentin Road, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, 11223, United States
The inspiring journey of Little Scholars began with our founders' clear vision – to support parents in guiding their children towards happy, fulfilled lives.
Little Scholars is a beacon of quality daycare services. Our principal goal is to empower children and families through programs designed to spark independence, nurture growth, and stimulate development, all within an environment that radiates warmth and inclusivity, fostering a deep sense of belonging.
At Little Scholars, we believe in educating the 'whole child', cultivating their lifelong passion for learning. As they grow older and progress into public or private school, the foundation laid at Little Scholars Daycare continues to support them through their educational journey. That's the Little Scholars difference – creating a nurturing haven where every child can bloom, bolstered by the power of knowledge and the warmth of our caring community. Little Scholars accept children from 6 weeks up to 5y.o.
52 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11223, USA