Montreal and Quebec searches in business section

When I do a search by address, in the business section, for the cities of Montreal or Quebec, there is no result. However, I previously saw there was businesses in those both cities. Why I have no result when searching by address ?  Someone has the answer ?
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suka on May 07 at 04:08 AM
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geometry dash on July 11 at 10:04 PM
You sould set up location when you search. This way can help you. pdf to jpg can help your work sometimes.
John Austin on August 13 at 04:00 AM
Kenny is right, the best is to write Quebec PQ or Montreal PQ, and choose the first Google's choice appearing (Quebec PQ, Canada and Montreal PQ, Canada).
I had the same problem once. In fact, what I have been informed few times ago, is that Montreal and Quebec have been amalgamated with several other cities and since that time, there is more levels of government. So, now, you have the borough, the city, the agglomeration, the province and the country.
To show you how it's complicated in that french place, you have the borough of Quebec, in the City of Quebec, in the agglomeration of Quebec, Province of Quebec, Canada, or borough of Verdun, in the City of Montreal, in the agglomeration of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. etc.
Quebec may be the borough and/or the city and/or the agglomeration, and/or the province. Montreal may be the borough and/or the city and/or the agglomeration, etc.
It seems french people like bureaucracy and governmental complexity smile
Mark Johnson on March 13 at 06:40 AM Edited
Probably you choose to click on the first link powered by Google when entering those cities, and you only wrote Quebec and Montreal.
If you want to have the businesses in Quebec City or Montreal City, you need to write Quebec City (and choose: Quebec City, QC, Canada in the list) or Montreal City (and choose: Montreal City Hall in the list).
Or the other alternative is to write : Quebec PQ or Montreal PQ, and choose the first choice (Quebec PQ, Canada and Montreal PQ, Canada) in the Google powered list.
Hope it's helping you.
Kenny Strahl on March 12 at 11:04 AM