Hit Stats - Visit vs. Visitor

In the Hits Stats block, why the numbers written down in Visit are not the same, or about the same, than the numbers in Visitor.
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The answer of Peter is correct, but a detail is missing. I checked the system and it seems also that if a user sign in at one point, and sign in again the same day or another day, it will not show one more visitor. For example, I went on the website as user at 11.45pm and also at 00.20am, so 35 minutes later (but the day after), and the number of Visitors was the same.
So, from my understanding, the number of visitors is not only the number of users who signed in but - in reality - the number of users who sign in for the first time. In conclusion, it appears that the number of Visitors is the number of users.
Gregory Arsenault on November 05 at 04:06 AM
Even people who didn't open an account and are not users may see what is inside the website. The numbers written down in Visit are the number of people who accessed to the contents whatsover if they are registered users or not. The numbers written down in Visitor are the number of people who are registered users and signed in.
A person who is not registered or who didn't sign in has access to the same content as a person who is registered and signed in. The sole difference is that a person who signed in with Flokii will be able to communicate and interact with others.
Peter Anthony Moore on October 30 at 03:56 AM Edited
Thank your for your answer, me also was asking me the difference between both.
on October 30 at 01:20 PM